LRZLeibnitz Rechen Zentrum (Munich, Germany)
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At that time, it was important to us that SUSE provided technical features that were not included in other Linux distributions," explained Professor Arndt Bode, head of LRZ.
The LRZ is the computer center for Munich's universities and for the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities.
To ensure that researchers at the computing center have access to numerical software that unleashes the power of the hardware, LRZ turned to NAG to provide numerical and statistical routines from the NAG SMP and Parallel Libraries.
The "SuperMUC" supercomputer at LRZ in Germany, which ranked fourth on the list, delivers 2.
What we needed was a system that could store the data streams of one of the fastest computers in Europe, using standard components to keep costs low," said Werner Baur, director of the Storage Group at LRZ.
The LRZ system, known as HLRB II, operates all 4,096 processors as a unified platform that enables applications to directly address all 17TB of memory.
The new SGI Altix deployment will also give LRZ one of the world's largest shared-memory systems, one we hope will attract leading-edge life scientists and other users whose escalating simulation demands can't be met by traditional clusters or servers.
At LRZ in Munich, a Massive New SGI Supercomputer Ushers in a New Future for Scientists Throughout Europe http://www.
Sweden-based PanLink AB announced plans to take over Poland-based LRZ Commerce, a cable assembly company.
Over the past three years, LRZ has been able to run large-scale OpenMP codes on its Altix 4700 system, which could not be executed on any other machine in Germany," said Dr.
3) Initial Altix 4000 customers include: - SGI to Install Leading-Edge HPC Environment for Data-Intensive Computing at Dresden Technical University - SGI Technology to Power Germany's National Supercomputing System Center at LRZ MEDIA CONTACT Ginny Babbitt ginnyb@sgi.
The new system, which eventually will incorporate 3,328 dual-core Intel Itanium 2 processors, will be capable of generating 69 trillion calculations per second of performance, effectively boosting the computing capacity at LRZ by 30-fold.