LRZLeibniz-Rechenzentrum (German: Leibniz Supercomputing Center; Garching bei München, Germany)
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Upon its completion in late 2018, the new supercomputer (called SuperMUC-NG) will support LRZ in its groundbreaking research across a variety of complex scientific disciplines, such as astrophysics, fluid dynamics and life sciences, by offering highly available, secure and energy- efficient high-performance computing (HPC) services that leverage industry-leading technology optimized to address the a broad range of scientific computing applications.
The LRZ is a joint data centre of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, the Technical University of Munich and the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and is considered one of the biggest supercomputing centres in Europe.
At that time, it was important to us that SUSE provided technical features that were not included in other Linux distributions," explained Professor Arndt Bode, head of LRZ.
To ensure that researchers at the computing center have access to numerical software that unleashes the power of the hardware, LRZ turned to NAG to provide numerical and statistical routines from the NAG SMP and Parallel Libraries.
The LRZ system, known as HLRB II, operates all 4,096 processors as a unified platform that enables applications to directly address all 17TB of memory.
The electricity supply includes, among other things, compensation for deviations between the daily forecast and the procurement portfolio, the purchase and sale of derivatives market products at current market conditions, the supply of electricity to the balancing group of the LRZ and the procurement of green electricity certificates to ensure that the electricity at the electricity supply point Electricity generated from renewable energies.
LRZ, the BAdw computing center, also will deploy a 660-terabyte SGI(R) InfiniteStorage solution to accommodate its rapidly growing stockpile of scientific of data.
Under an exercised an option, SWISS Federal Railways (SBB) has ordered three more LRZ 18 firefighting, rescue and recovery trains.
Sweden-based PanLink AB announced plans to take over Poland-based LRZ Commerce, a cable assembly company.