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LSAGLegal Secretariat to the Advocate General (UK)
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LSAGLong Substrate Age Gradient (geology)
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13 (here he correctly drew the supposed horizontal top bar as oblique and rounded); for enclosed heta, see LSAG, p.
Musgrave originally bid pounds 40m for the group in an offer that would have given four senior directors pounds 20m to share between them but an outcry led by LSAG forced a climb down and the directors were eventually paid off with pounds 2m.
Mr Costain added: ``I am proud of the actions of the LSAG and I think it is a lesson for all independent shopkeepers that they can have a voice.
Musgrave was given the nod and now even the LSAG, with the exception of Mr Costain,is in favour.
The LSAG has since evolved in response to the threat environment.
Mr Costain and the LSAG forced the management to withdraw their support for the offer and KPMG was brought in to begin a strategic review.
LSAG believes the best way for Londis to fight multiples like Tesco and Sainsbury is to stay mutual.