LSALLearning Systems Architecture Lab (Carnegie Mellon)
LSALLongitudinal Study of Adult Learning (Portland State University; Portland, OR)
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Table 3 Pooled Sample of First Two Technical Earnings Observations, Dependent Variable: LSAL, N = 7,331 A B MA 0.
Table 5 Managerial Earnings Regressions, Dependent Variable: LSAL, N = 2,285 A B C Intercept -0.
Appendices include: (1) Longitudinal Study of Adult Literacy Study Design; (2) Instrument Items from LSAL Wave 1; (3) Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Lifelong Learning; (4) Tables of Descriptive Statistics and Univariate Analyses of Indicators; (5) Items Parameters in Final Models; and (6) Model Calibration.