LSAMPLimbic System-Associated Membrane Protein
LSAMPLouis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation
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Cohen, the director of the LSAMP, described it as a passion: "Some folks, I can see it in their eyes that 'I want to study this,' and that is what's going to keep them up at night.
Both the McNair Scholars and LSAMP support student-faculty research projects by pairing students and faculty members together, as Mr.
No participant discussed using available resources such as the LSAMP or the McNair Scholars program.
Shawn indicated that she did not think there was any way to pay for her education other than loans, yet she was qualified to participate in both the McNair Scholars and LSAMP and would have qualified for a minority scholarship.
Rogers agreed that he owes his professional success to LSAMP.
In fact, Rogers says, it was through LSAMP during his undergraduate years at North Carolina A&T State University that he was introduced to Dr.
LSAMP has long been regarded as a program that produces the kind of results that more than justify its existence.
Carl Pettis, interim chair of the math and computer science department at Alabama State University and a LSAMP scholar.
For close to 20 years, the Alabama LSAMP has helped thousands of underrepresented minority students earn more STEM-related degrees at Alabama's higher education institutions.
When the LSAMP program started in 1991, Alabama schools produced 437 minority graduates with bachelor's degrees in STEM disciplines.
There is also an LSAMP center in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
The Philadelphia LSAMP is one of 32 alliances now funded by the National Science Foundation and collectively we are graduating roughly between 24,000 and 25,000 minority scientists and engineers annually," he says.