LSAMPLimbic System-Associated Membrane Protein
LSAMPLouis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation
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Fattah who has been one of Congress' strongest STEM advocates, has been a principal supporter of the LSAMP program in Philadelphia.
For additional information on the LSAMP grant visit the NSF Award Abstracts database, please visit: http://www.
Cohen, the director of the LSAMP, described it as a passion: "Some folks, I can see it in their eyes that 'I want to study this,' and that is what's going to keep them up at night.
Both the McNair Scholars and LSAMP support student-faculty research projects by pairing students and faculty members together, as Mr.
Rogers agreed that he owes his professional success to LSAMP.
In fact, Rogers says, it was through LSAMP during his undergraduate years at North Carolina A&T State University that he was introduced to Dr.
Phase II of the project, first funded by the LSAMP in 2009 and designed to increase the retention, graduation, and success of minority students in the STEM fields, will operate through June 2019.
As associate members the community colleges will institute the successful methods used by the Garden State LSAMP; LSAMP members will also offer expertise and resources to the community colleges.
Carl Pettis, interim chair of the math and computer science department at Alabama State University and a LSAMP scholar.
For close to 20 years, the Alabama LSAMP has helped thousands of underrepresented minority students earn more STEM-related degrees at Alabama's higher education institutions.
To this end, NSF funds the LSAMP program in five-year phases from $300,000 to $1 million, and these funds support 39 state and regional LSAMP Alliances involving over 500 institutions.