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LSCULone Star Credit Union (Dallas, TX)
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Your feedback will have a significant impact on the LSCU board's final decision as it pertains to membership choice for our league," LaPine said.
LSCU also reported the number of delinquent loans in Florida dropped below two percent (1.
In two years, Alabama and Florida credit unions have made more than $200 million in business loans," said Patrick La Pine, president/CEO of LSCU.
LSCU serves 288 credit unions in Florida and Alabama.
Officials from both the OCUL and the LSCU, which includes represents credit union in Alabama and Florida, point out much of the impetus to allow government deposits comes from local officials who are familiar with their area credit unions and frustrated when they can't use them as depositories.
La Pine said the legislation will be reintroduced in the next session, and the LSCU will continue to work on educating lawmakers and legislative leaders.
LSCU "looks forward to working with Larry to improve the operating environment for credit unions," he added.
Citing the timing of a two-state imaging effort now, Patrick La Pine, president/CEO of LSCU, said league research shows "that the credit union message is only reaching 50% of people in Alabama and Florida.
The challenges facing credit unions in Alabama and Florida have been steep with the high unemployment rates in both states and the depressed housing market in Florida," said LSCU President/CEO Patrick La Pine.
Attending the meeting were Patrick La Pine, LSCU president/CEO, and Will McCarty, senior vice president of government affairs.
On loans, the hope, said an LSCU spokesman, is "to see some flexibility from the regulators.
Then there's Ventelligence, an automated, Web-based system from the LSCU Service Corp.