LSCVLegal Services Corporation of Virginia
LSCVLeast Square Cross Validation (kernel methods)
LSCVLeft Superior Caval Vein (anatomy)
LSCVLandelijke Studenten Commissie Veebeoordelen (Dutch: National Student Committee Livestock Judge; Netherlands)
LSCVLengua de Signes en la Comunitat Valenciana (Spanish: Valencian Sign Language)
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Group I included CARV, group 2 included HUIV, group III included LSCV and MTNV, and group IV included SNV strains Convict Creek 74, Convict Creek 107, and NM H10.
ELMCV was first described in 1994 (10); LSCV was described in 2001 (11); and CARV, HUIV, and MTNV were described in 2011 (8).
The results of these analyses also indicate that M0040008, M0040059, and H0460041 are strains of ELMCV or RIOSV and that B0030008, H0460008, H0460023, and M0040049 are strains of LSCV.
Specific knowledge of the natural host relationships of LSCV previously was limited to LSCV RNA in 6 brush mice (P.