LSDILubombo Spatial Development Initiative (South Africa)
LSDILine Scan Diffusion Imaging (radiology)
LSDILighting Systems Design, Inc. (est. 1983; Orlando, FL)
LSDIList Service Direct, Inc. (Leonia, NJ)
LSDILilly Summer Discernment Institute (est. 2002; Sewanee: The University of the South; Sewanee, TN)
LSDILeitch Systems Design Inc. (Canada)
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Unfortunately, international funding for the LSDI has dried up and it is likely that some of the gains achieved in Mozambique will not be sustained.
Work in this LSDI area has been done with interactions between ITU-T Study Group 9, ITU-R Study Group 6, and other bodies external to the ITU.
The LSDI Malaria Control Programme was officially inaugurated in October 1999 by the signing of a protocol by the Ministers of Health of the three countries: SA, Swaziland and Mozambique.
After five years the LSDI strategy had resulted in a decrease in malaria incidence of 99% in KZN, 98% in Swaziland and 92% in Maputo Province, Mozambique, compared with baseline levels in 2000.