LSFOLow Sulphur Fuel Oil
LSFOLickety Splits Flyball Organization (Lakeside, CA)
LSFOLong, Segmented, Filamentous Organism
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And Libyan crude produces LSFO when processed, especially in simpler refineries without upgrading capacity.
Tum olgularin olcek ortalamalari ile Eksen 1 estanisi olan ve olmayan olgularin HAO, (Hamilton Anksiyete olcegi) BDO (Beck Depresyon Olcegi), LSFO (Liebowitz Sosyal Fobi Olcegi) ve GRCDO (Golombok Rust Cinsel Doyum Olcegi) alt olcekleri ham skorlarinin karsilastirilmasi TOPLAM n = 63 Ortalama [+ or -] SD Min Max HAO 8,38 [+ or -] 7.
Project background The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is planning to fix package 1 of LSFO, FG, and gas oil pipelines.
Afra Oak Trans Maritime 25/11/15 Not Sched 63,000 LSFO Nil
The Borco shutdown came amid unusually high and rising LSFO demand, as hurricane damage kept supplies of natural gas tight and prices high.
this money for the purchase of 55,000 tonnes of HSFO and 25,000 tonnes of LSFO jointly.
A quite separate affect is attributable to the additional costs to reduce the emissions of predominantly SO from HSFO either by flue gas desulphurisation after combustion or by stripping out the sulphur during refining in which case it would be classified as the more expensive LSFO.
Eurostrength Trans Maritime 30/10/15 Not Sched 57,148 LSFO Nil
Eurostrength Trans Maritime 28/10/15 Not Sched 57,148 LSFO Nil
PSO also seeks firm offer for 120,000 MT of LSFO for delivery in December 2010 and an optional bid for 60,000 MT for delivery between Dec.
PSO seeks a firm delivery bids for 240,000 tonnes of LSFO and 120,000 tonnes of LSFO as optional.
Signal Cheetah Trans Maritime 19/09/15 Not Sched 65,000 LSFO Nil