LSGIDepartment of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
LSGILandelijke Specialisten Gevel Isolatie (Dutch: Rural Isolation Facade Specialists; Veenendaal, Netherlands)
LSGILow Speed Ground Idle
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Links to sector commentary, and details of the LSGI Mentoring Scholarship, are located at the firm's website www.
Dancy, Adjunct Professor of Law at Southern Methodist University and Fund Manager with LSGI Venture Fund, delivered initial remarks on the topic.
In addition to teaching at SMU, Dancy manages the LSGI Technology Venture Fund L.
Links to the January 20, 2011 Financial Sense News Hour interview, the LSGI report, and the LSGI Dick Davis Digest 'Best Investment Idea for 2011' are located at the firm's website www.
A link to the December 2 Puplava interview and LSGI energy report is located at the firm's website www.
Joseph Dancy, Fund Manager with LSGI Venture Fund remarked: "We invest in small, growing, undervalued, well managed companies that have a good business niche.
The study of historical market data, small stock performance, monetary conditions, and the ability of active managers to generate excess returns is available at the LSGI Advisors Inc.
Firms the LSGI Venture Fund finds especially interesting in this environment include Arena Resources , Natural Gas Services Group , Crimson Exploration (BULLETIN BOARD: CXPO) , GeoResources Inc.
He also holds these firms in the LSGI Venture Fund L.
Dancy assembled the Barron's Challenge portfolio using firms he currently holds in the LSGI Venture Fund L.