LSGMILegal Services of Greater Miami, Inc.
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We are deeply grateful for the overwhelming support from the local community which has helped LSGMI to keep the promise of equal justice in both good times and bad," said Marcia K.
He served on the LSGMI board from 1984 through 1990, including the last two years as president, and he continues to help out when he can.
Each year approximately 25-30,000 clients seek services from LSGMI.
LSGMI provides support to CDCs in negotiating the terms of their business relationships.
FLS and LSGMI both receive general support grants from The Florida Bar Foundation that enable their staff attorneys to devote the tremendous amount of time to pursue such landmark cases.
The event was intended to provide critical financial support to LSGMI, which annually provides services benefitting more than 30,0000 vulnerable clients, including women, children, seniors, veterans returning from combat, domestic violence victims, people with disabilities, and individuals undergoing foreclosures or other loss of housing.
Without question, LSGMI received great help from the unrelenting service of Darrell Payne," McLuskey said.
Ceremony, Libby Herrera-Navarrete was installed as president by Judge Mary Jo Francis, an LSGMI alumnus.
Cypen, executive director of LSGMI, presented Vivian Chavez with the Blanca Fiallo Memorial Award in recognition of her professionalism and dedication to clients; and paralegal Beverly Murray with the Board of Directors Dan Bradley Memorial Award for her 'advocacy on behalf of clients.
Cypen also presented LSGMI Senior At torney John M.
Participating attorneys have identified the opportunities available for their local MW&E: Kids First Project as follows: LSGMI will identify and refer three to five cases that are in the due process stage or beyond.
By specifically targeting this group of clients and developing collaborative relationships with providers who work with them, LSGMIs Haitian Women's Legal Project intends to "diminish barriers to accessing the justice system and protect Haitian women's legal rights.