LSGOLate Stage Growth Obesity
LSGOLow Sulphur Gas Oil
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We obtained available band recovery data for Delmarva LSGO from the Bird Banding Laboratory (USGS, Bird Banding Laboratory, Laurel, MD, USA); 24 records were obtained of LSGO that were either banded or recovered on the Delmarva Peninsula.
Total tarsus length overlapped substantially between Louisiana LSGO and East Coast GSGO and was not used (data not shown).
Clade B haplotypes that were common in LSGO were rare in GSGO, and haplotypes common in GSGO were absent in LSGO.
ST] between LSGO and GSGO populations were positive (although non-significant), whereas the pairwise [F.
Five of 14 LSGO banded in breeding areas and subsequently recovered on Delmarva were banded on the south coast of Hudson/St.
The available banding and genetic data suggest that Delmarva LSGO are not a unique population unit.
Delmarva LSGO and Blackwater GSGO are sympatric in winter (and could form pairs), but we suspect there is only limited interbreeding between subspecies (e.
and five of six Blue Geese from Delmarva that we measured were more similar in size to LSGO.
rice and coastal LSGO were genetically similar, despite significant differences in morphology (Alisauskas 1998, Jonsson 2005).
2002) argued that interspecific hybridization was the more likely reason for the shared clades on the basis of documented hybridization between LSGO and Ross's Geese.