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However, the survey report shows that the wife's decision to use a particular method has almost the same weight as the husband's for both urban and rural women [NIPS and LSHTM (1998), p.
From these studies, there doesn't appear to be any benefit for cognitive health for older people of taking omega-3 supplements," said Alan Dangour, a nutritionist at LSHTM and co-author of the report.
Dr Pablo Perel, who is based in the Clinical Trials Unit at LSHTM, said: "Although the results are not definitive they provide hope about the potential effectiveness of this simple drug for head injury patients.
Devries, Gender Violence and Health Centre, LSHTM, London International Development Centre, 36 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PD, Tel: +44 (0) 20 7958 8164, E-mail: karen.
Confirmed speakers, presenters and panellists include: Lesley-Anne Alexander, CEO of the RNIB; Nick Astbury, chair, Vision 2020 UK; Ben Dyson, director of primary care, Department of Health; Richard Wormald, consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital and honorary senior Lecturer at the LSHTM and Institute of Ophthalmology, and Ann Bristow, corporate director, adult and community services, Barking and Dagenham.
The secondary sources of data from various previous surveys [Population Planning Council (1976); NIPS (1992); NIPS and LSHTM (1998)] have been utilised in this paper.
LSHTM is a member of a research consortium established by Immtech that is focused on developing new treatments for Leishmaniasis, a parasite-transmitted disease that affects more than 12 million people worldwide.
Funding for this work, the "C8 Science Panel Community Study at LSHTM [London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine]," comes from the C8 Class Action Settlement Agreement (Circuit Court of Wood County, WV, USA) between DuPont and plaintiffs, which resulted from releases of perfluorooctanoate (PFOA, or C8) into drinking water.
Initial findings from LSHTM recommend that consideration should be given to focusing investments in organisations that are taking steps to support frontline health workers; improve data gathering to help track the impact of malaria; support community prevention; and create demand for diagnostic tests and appropriate use of anti-malarial medicines.
In another study, a team including David Schellenberg, Professor of Malaria and International Health at LSHTM, found that a slightly different formulation of the vaccine candidate, being developed for delivery through the EPI, had a promising safety profile, and did not react adversely with other antigens being administered as part of the immunization programme.
Professor of microbial pathogenesis at the LSHTM, Brendan Wren, said: "Developing effective, inexpensive vaccines for livestock has multiple advantages, not just in protecting animals from the disease, but also in reducing infections in humans and antibiotics in the food chain that are often used in rearing livestock.