LSHTMLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
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LSHTM is a member of a research consortium established by Immtech that is focused on developing new treatments for Leishmaniasis, a parasite-transmitted disease that affects more than 12 million people worldwide.
In a bid to maintain and extend its reputation the LSHTM recognised the need to
c) Senior Lecturer in Public Health, Health Policy Unit, Department of Public Health and Policy, LSHTM, UK d Lecturer, Muhimbili University of Health Sciences, Dares Salaam, Tanzania, and AMREF, Tanzania
Two thirds of the locations we went to didn't have road access or electricity, so setting up a hospital-based eye clinic without the infrastructure was very challenging," says Dr Andrew Bastawrous, lecturer in International Eye Health at the LSHTM.
Gordon-Wyon Award for Community-Oriented Public Health, Epidemiology and Practice: Sandy Hoar, ABDA Emeritus, LSHTM, MPAS
Dr Matthew Burton, ophthalmologist and senior lecturer at LSHTM, said: "This funding will enable organisations and individuals to team up [through the Consortium] and overcome some of the obstacles blocking access to eye care.
In February this year 50 members of the LSHTM, in an open letter, called on the UK Secretary of State for Health to act now to avoid a "fat tsunami" in the NHS.
Treatment in the private sector is very costly," Professor Vikram Patel of LSHTM said.
For details of the sample size, design, and preliminary findings of the survey, see NIPS and LSHTM (1998).
This analysis, carried out by Dr Ann Mills of LSHTM, demonstrates that malaria control tools and intervention strategies provide good value for money.
Dr Bastawrous, who is a Clinical Lecturer and ophthalmologist within the International Centre for Eye Health at LSHTM, said: "With Peek we are hoping to increase the access to eye care to the millions of people who are blind and shouldn't be.