LSICLarge Scale Integrated Circuit
LSICLocal School Improvement Council (West Virginia)
LSICLietuvos Sporto Informacijos Centras (Lithuanian: Lithuanian Sports Information Center)
LSICLower Sioux Indian Community (Native American tribe)
LSICLongitudinal Study of Immigrants to Canada (Canada)
LSICLinear Successive Interference Cancellation
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A profile of older newcomers to Canada within the LSIC was accomplished through univariate and bivariate statistics.
Table 1 presents descriptive statistics of each of the study variables of LSIC participants.
The LSIC report corroborates the finding that the presence of family and friends significantly shapes immigrants' destination experiences upon arrival in Canada.
According to the LSIC, such sentiments are evident for all immigrants, since 63 percent of newcomers indicated "all or most of their new friends were from the same ethnic group" (Statistics Canada 2003b).
We assigned prestige scores to the occupations reported by LSIC respondents as their "main occupations," regardless of full-time or part-time employment, because main occupation indicates immigrants' perception of occupational attainment and potential growth.
Since previous analysis of LSIC data show that women, older immigrants, and visible minorities are less likely to pursue additional PSE in Canada (Adamuti-Trache and Sweet 2010), these immigrant groups may have fewer opportunities to restore the occupational prestige they experienced in their source countries.
Second, two nationally representative survey data, LSIC and IMDB, were analyzed.
LSIC "refugee" figure also includes a few "refugees abroad.
LSIC 2005, Footprints in time: the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children (LSIC), viewed 1 August 2005, <http://www.
Participants in LSIC were selected randomly amongst newcomer arrivals between October 2000 and September 2001.
4,15-17) In the LSIC, self-reported health was measured using a five-point scale (excellent, very good, good, fair and poor).
It offers unique insight into the transitions that a cohort of immigrants experienced after migrating and unlike most surveys, the LSIC contains data on different immigrant statuses, which allow us to specifically examine family class sponsored parents and/or grandparents.