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LSIDLife Sciences Identifier
LSIDLarge Structure Identifier
LSIDLearning School of Instruction and Development
LSIDLaw School Information Day (University of California, Davis)
LSIDLake Stevens Instrument Division (Hewlett-Packard)
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It is affiliated with the International Union of Biological Sciences and, in addition to being strong supporter of LSIDs, it leads the development of key metadata standards (Biodiversity Information Standards, 2007).
Among the standards used by GCP are LSIDs for unique identifiers and Library of Congress Subject Headings for subject headings (Generation Challenge Programme, 2008).
Established in 1981, LSID designs, manufactures, and markets electronic test and measurement equipment, including dynamic signal analyzers and low-frequency signal analyzers.
Ko Nishimura, president and CEO of Solectron, said, "The acquisition of Hewlett-Packard's LSID printed circuit assembly activity would complement our ongoing process and manufacturing engineering programs, and technology investments in the area of complex printed circuit board assembly.
Under the memorandum of understanding, Solectron will establish a contract manufacturing operation at the LSID site and supply printed circuit board assemblies to HP and other leading electronic OEMs.