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LSILLow-grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion (oncology, gynecology)
LSILLanding Ship Infantry, Large (hull classification; various armed forces)
LSILLaser Soft Infosystems Ltd. (est. 1986; India)
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Cytology Histology LSIL CIN 1 Minimal or mild cervical dysplasia HSIL CIN 2 Moderate cervical dysplasia HSIL CIN 3/CIS Severe cervical dysplasia/carcinoma in situ Carcinoma Invasive carcinoma
LSIL or a more severe lesion on Pap smear (defined as 'incomplete treatment') was seen in 149 women (30.
Rather than immediate colposcopy, adolescents with ASC-US or LSIL on Pap testing should undergo a repeat Pap smear in 12 months.
This required 50 supervised colposcopy examinations of women who had previously been treated or were being seen for follow up of LSIL abnormalities.
In total, 361 ASC-US and 415 LSIL cases with corresponding biopsy results and HPV test results were available for dual stain cytology analysis.
Concurrent biopsies in 2 of the 3 patients with abnormal cytology confirmed the LSIL with HPV cytopathic effect.
In a small subset of women persistent infection with hrHPV types may lead to integration of viral DNA into the host cell DNA, which could lead to the development of pre-malignant cervical lesions (low-grade squamous intra-epithelial lesions/ LSIL, high-grade squamous intra-epithelial llesions/HSIL) and eventually to cervical cancer (Figs 2 and 3).
In adolescents with ASC-US and HPV positive or with LSIL, it is now recommended to watch and wait, and repeat the Pap in one year.
A drop of 16% in atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance that were high-risk positive (meaning positive for one of the 13 cancer-causing HPV types for which the sample was tested), LSIL, or worse (1,062 women in the vaccine group vs.
Regardless of HIV status, girls who had the lower-risk form of this lesion (called low-grade intra-epithelial lesions or LSIL) were also more likely to develop HSIL, a finding that surprised researchers because LSIL is thought to be relatively harmless.
HPV Testing for Detecting High-Grade Cervical Disease in the Triage of ASC-US and LSIL Pap Cytology Results" shows that the interpretation of p16 cytology slides has the potential to provide a high sensitivity, with significantly higher specificity for the identification of high-grade CIN than High-risk Human Papillomavirus (HR-HPV) testing for the management of women with Pap cytology results categorized as ASC-US (Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance) or LSIL (Low-grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion).