LSIMLaunch Site Integration Manager (US NASA)
LSIMLaser Signal Injection Microscopy
LSIMLegacy System Import Module (DMP Payment Systems)
LSIMLatent Semantic Indexing Model
LSIMLibrary Science and Instructional Media (Morehead State University; Morehead, KY)
LSIMBureau of Library Services and Instructional Materials (Virgin Islands)
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The company supplies the following software and services for pipeline operations: real-time leak detection systems, batch tracking systems and pig tracking software: software for OPC compliant data acquisition and processing, GSIM modeling and simulation for gas pipelines and LSIM modeling and simulation for liquid pipelines; MIS management information systems; OPT pipeline optimization systems: Scheduler batch scheduling systems; and trainer operator training simulator.
Available with or without filters for UV, infrared and full spectrum applications, Aries' new optical FA test socket can be used for laser FA microscopy testing using EMMI and LSIM (laser signal injection microscopy) techniques.
CRG has been compensated by one or more of the companies listed herein (20,000 LSIM, 12,000 RPHL, 35,000 OGPS, 400,000 restricted shares of SVSR) for the preparation and distribution of this report.