LSJLansing State Journal
LSJLondon School of Journalism (UK)
LSJLinguistic Society of Japan (est. 1938)
LSJLiddell-Scott-Jones (Greek-English Lexicon)
LSJLibrary Student Journal (various universities)
LSJLaser Society of Japan
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The codex Palatinus reads [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], which LSJ gloss as an 'embroiderer' and found only in a Wurzburg papyrus of the 4th century.
But the latter category, while a risk, can lead to a slowburning LSJ, when they realise it is entirely the correct present for them, they just didn't realise it at the time.
Fortunately, the British Liszt Society continues to publish sheet-music supplements to its LSJ as well as other collections of otherwise unavailable compositions.
LSJ is a broad body of work with many different views and philosophical perspectives.
10) See also Frisk 1960:266 and LSJ, both of which make the connection.
For more information on LSJ Ventures LLC and its new online handbag store, visit www.
LSJ is thinking about her mum:"It breaks my heart that I do not have my mum here with me on Mother's Day.
The behavioural sense of this language in LSJ (5) ('it is appropriate', 'it behoves one', 'it is fitting', etc.
18) For [unkeyable], LSJ gives as a general meaning "fair of face," and I have translated it accordingly.
LSJ translates [chi]a[lambda]a[sigma][tau]o[zeta] as 'relaxed', an interpretation that cannot be applied to this context.
LSJ is looking back after hitting a milestone on the Big Blog:"My goodness, I have reached the 200 mark.