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LSKLillestrøm Sportsklubb
LSKLeft Soft Key (handheld electronic devices)
LSKLaw Society of Kenya
LSKLuchtstrijdkrachten (Dutch)
LSKLine Select Key
LSKLeapseconds Kernel
LSKLearning Skills and Knowledge
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Having settled on the scope and definition of a term like LSK, as researchers we still know little about current levels of LSK among Australian teachers, whose diverse starting points may vary considerably across the country.
Polakis Sarris, a former Undersecretary to the President, whose law firm represents LSK told the Cyprus News Agency that Strauss-Kahn held a private visit in Cyprus last week and met with the Finance Minister Harris Georgiades.
LSK had expressed the wish to maintain contact with the government, the Finance ministry and ministry technocrats, its lawyer said.
LSK EV GALILEO 11 29/44 offers double tamper evidence--tabs break on first opening and a tear-off membrane has to be opened.
Cia yra du pagrindiniai triuksmu saltiniai: LSK ir SVG.
The sheriff's decision, dated 6 May 2011, included an additional finding in fact and law that the parents did have the right to have LSK live with them, but that this would be 'likely to be seriously detrimental to [his] welfare' in terms of section 84(5)(c)(ii) of the 2007 Act.
Founded in 1974 by John and Pat Grigsby, LSK was among the first to bring pressure sensitive labels to wine bottles, and is also a major label supplier to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
LSK is talented, has a voice like an angel and will go very far.
Then there's been Lemonscent, Intenso Project, Chloe Cook, Max-M and LSK.
The LSK tool holding system accesses tight spaces and hard to reach areas for precision drilling, tapping, reaming, and milling.
In particular the ribbon protest was organised by the LSK to show support for the Ghai team's right to put forward proposals which affect the judiciary and to deplore the attempts by two judges, Justice Moijo ole Keiwua and Justice Vitalis Jumato to halt the review.
Also wonderful is 70s 80s featuring the sweet vocals of LSK, kindred spirits whose album of a couple of years ago was criminally ignored.