LSMCLottery Syndicate Manager Complete (software)
LSMCLymphatic-Sinus Mast Cell (biomedicine)
LSMCLally School of Management and Technology (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
LSMCLogistics Specialty Management Committee
LSMCLaunching System Module Control/Console
LSMCLongitudinally Oriented Smooth Muscle Cells
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29) Here, we explicitly allow for the impact of collateral and the MTM procedure in the pricing functional: working in a high-dimensional Markov setting, we use an LSMC approach.
We use the LSMC approach (see the "Computing the Swap Rate" section) to determine the expected number of survivors.
Where Y equals to per capita GDP, K is the physical capital, L is the number of workers, EM is financial market, LBP is the credit volume of banks and LSMC is the size of exchange markets.
Table 1: Descriptive statistics of the Middle East countries variable LBP LSMC GDP Average 52.
Executive chief of the LSMC, Mohan Nath Maskey, said : 'For the coming fiscal, we plan to introduce a budget of about Rs 500 million for the execution of different programmes.