LSNRLeague of Struggle for Negro Rights (1930-1935 US organization)
LSNRLuminance Signal-to-Noise Ratio (various fields)
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Davis urged him to speak at a mass meeting to raise $5,000 using one of the LSNR branches.
Miller continued his work with the LSNR and the Negro Liberator.
73) Miller received reports on LSNR activities in Los Angeles, including an update on Langston Hughes's performances.
The Harlem LSNR directed him to write the Deltas for an endorsement of the National Negro Congress and he attended an emergency meeting of the Anti-Nazi Commission.
On the failure of the LSNR see also: Hall, Editor, A Black Communist In The Freedom Struggle pp.
29) LMP, Box 2, F3 Letter from Brooklyn chapter of LSNR to Miller dated April 30, 1935.