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LSOLesotho (ISO Country code)
LSOLaser Safety Officer
LSOLanding Signal Officer
LSOLarge Send Offload
LSOLutetium Oxyorthosilicate (chemistry)
LSOLongwood Symphony Orchestra (Brookline, MA)
LSOLone Star Overnight (Austin, TX)
LSOLocal Shared Objects (web browsers)
LSOLearning Support Organization
LSOLanding Safety Officer
LSOLegal Services Office (Montana)
LSOLegal Support Organization
LSOLeft Salpingo-Oophorectomy
LSOLifestyles Organization
LSOLiberty Symphony Orchestra (Liberty, MO)
LSOLinux Standards Organization
LSOLansdowne Symphony Orchestra (Lansdowne, PA)
LSOLittleton Symphony Orchestra (Littleton, CO)
LSOLeveraged Sell-Out
LSOLogistics Support Officer
LSOLovaniensis Scientificus Ordo (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium)
LSOLocal Switching Office
LSOLegislative Service Organization
LSOcerium doped lutetium orthosilicate
LSOLawson Smart Office
LSOLabor Standards Officer
LSOLocal Servicing Office
LSOLinked Simulation-Optimization
LSOLimited Service Offering
LSOLarge-Scale Offensive (aggressive strategy)
LSOLocal Service Organization
LSOLarge Scale Organization
LSOLinguistic Sign-Off
LSOLife Support Officer
LSOLandward Security Officer
LSOLAN Systems Organization (Intel)
LSOLicensed Security Officer
LSOList of Stored Options
LSOLanarkshire Society of Organists (UK)
LSOLadies Social Outreach
LSOLatent Semantic Optimization (computing)
LSOLumbar Sacral Orthosis
LSOLondon Symphony Orchestra
LSOLead Service Office
LSOLaser Squad Orlando (Florida)
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Parents and guardians of children who used toothpaste LSO, reported an improvement in the breath of the children after 5 days of treatment.
Methods of acid-base separation [18] and extrography [19] were used to decompose LSO and SLTCT into acid, base and five neutral fractions.
The LSO is one of the best orchestras in the world and we're being asked to mime in front of a global audience of billions," the Daily Mail quoted one player as saying.
Gramps knows that none of this fella's LSOs taught him that ACLS technique--he should have stuck with what he'd learned.
The second airplane down was an F-14, the driver of which also happened to be an LSO.
Venzago's large LSO photographs, under the title UBS Soundscapes, can be seen in the foyer of The Sage Gateshead until Thursday this week.
During the Orchestra's residency in New York the LSO will introduce for the first time a project new to the United States, 'LSO Musicians on Call in partnership with Takeda'.
Whether considering a sale, purchase or recapitalization of a loft or small office building in New York City, the Besen LSO Group can provide the expertise to achieve the objective at hand.
As a partner in the delivery of dental care, the dental assistant has an opportunity to assume the expanded role of appointed LSO for the dental practice.
The high-speed, high-resolution LSO HI-REZ PET/ CT scanner system utilizes enhanced spatial resolution to improve early detection of cancer, heart disease, neurological disorders and lesions as small as 2 mm.
Under Rostropovich's authoritative conducting, the LSO played with great passion and force.
Now 73, he came to St David's Hall last night with the LSO and showed that, yes he still has something of an aura about him.