LSPPLabeled Security Protection Profile
LSPPLarge-Scale Parallel Processing (computer architecture)
LSPPLake Superior Provincial Park (Canada)
LSPPLocal Service Provider Portability
LSPPLarge Scale Printer Plotter
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However, with the introduction of the LSPP, the sequence of the whole construction project must be arranged based on the construction method and visualized via a 3D simulation model.
Under the LSPP, after the Subcontracting Center selects the appropriate subcontractors, the subcontractors review and evaluate the construction operational flow and study the 3D simulation model of the main body construction procedure.
In addition to satisfying the needs of construction project management, the LSPP could further reduce the wait time and waste incurred on the part of the subcontractor because it obtains a lean subcontracting result that improves the overall performance of the site project and lowers costs.
We have delivered LSPP (Labeled Security Protection Profile) functionality in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, and we have certified that at the EAL4 level of assurance.
The requirements defined in the LSPP correspond to the TCSEC B1 security level.
PitBull Foundation for AIX has been certified under Common Criteria LSPP at EAL 4+.
Solaris 10 11/06 with Solaris Trusted Extensions achieved LSPP at EAL 4+ for both Sun(TM) x86/64 and SPARC(R) systems while combining both desktop and server-based functionality.
Completion of the Common Criteria Certification for LSPP at EAL 4+ validates Solaris 10 as an unsurpassed OS in terms of security performance, while also delivering the benefits customers have come to expect from Solaris such as reliability, virtualization capabilities, scalability and ease of use," said Jim McHugh, vice president of marketing for Solaris, Sun Microsystems.
The Solaris 10 OS is currently being evaluated for Common Criteria LSPP at EAL 4+ for the Controlled Access Protection Profile (CAPP) and Role-Based Access Control Protection Profile (RBACPP) at EAL 4+.
It is notable that RHEL5 is the first SELinux-enabled distribution that successfully conducted an evaluation against the LSPP and RBAC Protection Profiles; previously the only operating systems with evaluated mandatory access control features were proprietary.
2 has been evaluated under Common Criteria LSPP at EAL 4+.
5 operating system is certified to meet critical industry standards for security, including CAPP and LSPP.