LSPRLondon School of Public Relations (est. 1992)
LSPRLake Superior Performance Rally (Houghton, MI)
LSPRLocalized Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectroscopy
LSPRLarge Systems Performance Reference (IBM mainframes)
LSPRLogistics System Program Review
LSPRLow-Speed Pulse Restorer
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An innovative feature of the research lies in the suggestion of the possibility of a considerable change in the Kerr rotation's direction due to LSPR within nickel nanoparticles.
This EPO allowance, coupled with other patents and patents in process, serves to expand the application and protection of the Company's core LSPR technologies.
LamdaGen is a private nano-based technology platform company who is the first to produce commercial LSPR products.
The Company's micron-sized LSPR biosensors simply require a micro-LED, tiny optics and microfluidics to test and quantify diagnostic samples in fifteen minutes.
About LamdaGen Corporation LamdaGen is a private nano-based technology platform company and the first to produce commercial LSPR (Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance) products.
About LamdaGen Corporation LamdaGen Corporation is a privately funded biosensor company that provides LSPR (Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance) diagnostic platforms and analytical products to the Life Science industry as well as functional nanomaterials to support various applications in plasmonics, cleantech and energy.
Higgins entered LSPR locked in an epic season-long battle with rival Ken Block.
The podium at LSPR was an all-Subaru affair with Antoine L'Estage and Dillon Van Way finishing 2[sup.
Extends the Company's Patent Estate for its Nano-based LSPR platform
The Company's proprietary LSPR metallic thin-films are easily grown onto practically any solid support, thereby allowing compatibility with a wide range of current IVD systems - including plate-based throughput platforms and rapid diagnostic systems for Point-of-Care.
For Codeblack Entertainment: Lisa Sorensen LSPR (646) 330-5458 Lisa@LS-PR.