LSPTLow Speed Power Turbine
LSPTLabel Switched Path Tunnel (Cisco)
LSPTLembaga Sertifikasi Profesi Telematika (Indonesian: Professional Certification Institute of Telematics)
LSPTLimited Scope Performance Testing (US Department of Energy)
LSPTLogical Sectors per Track (data storage)
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A mean of the LSPT performance scores for all participants is presented in Table 1.
Significant positive correlations were found between LSPT T and body mass (large), %BF (moderate) and Ball-15m (large).
LSPT P was positively correlated (moderate to large) with body mass, % BF, Ball-15m, Illinois agility tests and 5m, 20m, and 30m sprint times.
Table 2 shows a large positive correlation between LSPT TP and body mass and %BF.
Table 3 shows that according to multiple stepwise regression models the predictors of LSPT TP were times measured during Agility-15m, Illinois agility test and Ball-15m.
Short-passing accuracy, as measured by the LSPT is able to distinguish elite players from their counterparts by analysing various aspects of soccer-skill performance (gross motor performance with the time only score and accuracy using penalty time).
Due to the few studies that have used the LSPT in young players, it is difficult to compare our findings.
Nevertheless, results of LSPT TP in our study were higher than those of Ali et al [4], implying that the players of the present study possibly had lower technical level.
A previous study [12] showed that the deterioration in LSPT score, observed after a 5min high-intensity simulation, was correlated to the players' physical fitness, as measured by the Yo-Yo IRT level-1 test.