LSPULaguna State Polytechnic University (Philippines)
LSPULongshoremen's Protective Union (Canada)
LSPULondon Strategic Policy Unit (Greater London Council; UK)
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While the narrators generally describe the LSPU interventions in this way, the details of working with the LSPU in forming the union are much more contested in the women's stories.
The Genpact team's efforts at LSPU resulted in a betterthanexpected yield of interns with an aboveaverage chance of being hired at the end of their internship.
Most of all, Deans Bawica, Castillo, Rivano and Lerios all say that many LSPU students now see Genpact as a friendly workplace where they can start and build their professional careers.
Through this project, the RCA will enhance various systems and equipment in the LSPU Hall helping improve production values and operational efficiency and will also implement a professional marketing, re-branding and audience development plan.
The first one was Christian, who completed his agro-fisheries course in 2012, also at LSPU.
Students from LSPU have been observing the read-along since 2008.
Men, members of the LSPU, had won the fight to perform what was considered the heavier physical labour of loading and off-loading boats, storing products in the freezers, using mechanical equipment and tools in their work, and doing plant maintenance.
46) This was rather different treatment than that given to LSPU men: from 1948 onwards, the company provided LSPU men working "in the frost" with suitable coats and mitts by the employer.
Carl, an LSPU man who processed fish and seals and loaded coal at Job's, described cleaning the berries as "unskilled work," that "anybody could do.
In this linking, berry work becomes a job that a member of the LSPU would not perform, nor would he be asked to do the work.
Other pieces were held in outdoor venues and public sites around the city; CAN Control was held inside the LSPU Hall, the main physical centre of the visual and performance arts community of St.
The video is an excerpt from a straight shoot of the dance programming at the LSPU Hall on 19 June 2004.