LSPVLeft Superior Pulmonary Vein (cardiology)
LSPVLoad Sensing Proportional Valve (Vehicle Braking System)
LSPVLoveland Senior Police Volunteers (Colorado)
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2] premature pacing at HRA, LAA, LSPV with vagal response (CVTS by [S.
The burst pacing with higher AF inducibility than premature beat indicated that in addition to the parasympathetic tone, the rapid focal firing within LSPV was another condition for AF inducement.
Investigating the foci in pulmonary veins, activation conducting characteristics of pulmonary veins will provide us more information of conduction traveling through left atrium to PV-LA and within LSPV.
There is one single or dual-input electric conduction back and forth from LSPV, which might produce more than one breakthrough.
We also demonstrated that unidirectional (activation conduction sequence was from LA to PV-LAJ, and finally to LSPV by pacing at LA, from LSPV to PV-LAJ, and to LA by pacing at LSPVd) and bi-directional conduction (activation conduction sequence was from LSPVm to both PV-LAJ and LA as well as to LSPVd simultaneously by pacing at LSPVm), bi-directional decremented conduction as well as slowed retrograde conduction (from LSPV to LA) within LSPV and delayed conduction or conduction block from stimulation signal to local tissue potential before AF.
These results remind us activation conduction sequence differs by pacing near LA or within LSPV from that sinus rhythm.
Our study suggested that the pronounced ERP shortening at PV-LAJ and within LSPVS, significantly increased ERP heterogeneity within LSPV, abnormal activation conduction within LSPV and across PV-LAJ, and different response to cervical vagal trunk vagal stimulation played an important role in local reentry, which might be the underlying mechanism for initiation and maintenance of AF.
The present study investigated the electrical conduction characteristics of LA, PV-LAJ and LSPV, ERP of HRA, LAA, PV-LAJ and LSPV, ERP heterogeneity within LSPV and the inducibility of AF by cervical vagal nerve trunk stimulating.