LSQLeap Site Queue
LSQLa Securite Quotidienne (French: Law on Daily Safety)
LSQLearning Styles Questionnaire (Peter Honey and Alan Mumford)
LSQLafayette String Quartet (Canada)
LSQLos Angeles, Chile - Maria Dolores (Airport Code)
LSQLoad Store Queue
LSQLunar Saxophone Quartet (UK)
LSQLine Squall
LSQLangue des Signes Québécoises (French: Sign Language in Québec)
LSQLeast Squares Quadratic
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In the previous findings (see Table 9), engineering students showed a very strong preference in activist learning style using the Honey and Mumford's LSQ.
A l'aide des structures associatives deja en place, certains militants de la communaute sourde quebecoise commencent, par exemple, a mettre en place des programmes de formation en LSQ pour les Sourds (Lachance 2007).
The difference in gender may affect the perceptions and expectations of LSQ.
They describe how to design a system in which all employees can excel, and the elements of a high-service model--a service offering, a service funding mechanism, and employee and customer management systems--illustrated through examples like Commerce Bank, Southwest Airlines, Ochsner Health System, Bugs Burger Bug Killers, Magazine Luiza, LSQ Funding Group, and Zappos.
The proposed parameter estimation techniques used to solve the building airflow network models are LSQ and nonlinear parameter optimization (NONLINOPTIM).
7 January 2010 -- US lender LSQ Funding Group LC has struck a loan deal with NMT Medical Inc (NASDAQ:NMTI) for up to USD2m (EUR1.
Although learning styles were matched to correspondingly suitable learning criteria, the LSQ revealed no predictive validity, however we can report good test--retest reliabilities over a two year time period.
Cuestionario Honey-Alonso de Estilos de Aprendizaje (CHAEA) adaptado en Espana del original Cuestionario de Estilos de Aprendizaje LSQ Learning Styles Questionnaire, de Honey de Reino Unido.
Newly Patented EPSQ & LSQ interpenetrating-silicone polymer networks
Sections II and III recap the conventional design of the LSQ and the main alternatives.