LSRCLegal Services Research Centre
LSRCLouisiana Society for Respiratory Care
LSRCLife Science Research Center
LSRCLake State Railway Company
LSRCLunar Surface Return Carrier
LSRCLogistics Systems Review Committee
LSRCLand Settlement Research Centre (Australia)
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Therefore, the research hypothesis that ALS presents VS similar to that of the silorane-based LSRC, with FM and FS comparable to those of the regular-dimethacrylate microhybrid RC, was rejected.
To develop LSRCs, manufacturers have replaced monomers such as TEGDMA with monomers with increased molecular weights.
While the silorane-based RC has been exhaustively evaluated regarding its shrinkage values (14,17) and mechanical properties, (18,19) little information is available in the literature concerning the shrinkage and mechanical properties of these highly filled LSRCs.
Review studies have demonstrated that RC fracture is one of the main reasons for restoration failures, (10,20) as LSRCs with low FS are expected to fail prematurely, compromising restoration longevity.
This referral to the LSRC in no way meant that Hamilton would automatically be released but only that the Commission would consider his case.
For a university accustomed to building separate houses for separate disciplines, the research-park atmosphere of the LSRC is quite a departure.
The interdisciplinary nature of the LSRC is reinforced by the shared reading room off the Hall of Science, which makes heavy use of wood and is softly lit by Art Deco-style chandeliers.
The LSRC employs a radically different approach to discovery, evolving the traditional use of content from a `find-and-review' approach to a unique `search-discover-and-create' approach capable of delivering dramatic improvements in research processes and outcomes.
The LSRC is the latest addition to Infotrieve's emerging electronic research platform that increases the value of organizational content and improves scientists' existing workflow.
The LSRC improves scientists' daily workflow and decision making processes by streamlining their ability to search, retrieve, and process the critical STM information that they need," added Jenny Connelly, Infotrieve's Director of Marketing and Product Management.
Matson, Integrated Toxicology Program, Duke University, LSRC A346, Box 90328, Durham, NC 27708-0328 USA.
Hardman, Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences, LSRC A333, Durham, NC 27708 USA.