LSRMLake Superior Railroad Museum
LSRMLight Sport Repairman Maintenance (aviation)
LSRMLaura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial
LSRMLinear Switched Reluctance Motor
LSRMLaser Scanning Reflection Microscopy
LSRMLarge Solid Rocket Motor
LSRMLiquid Scintillation Radiometric Method
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The first part consists of modeling the LSRM which is difficult to control because the undesired oscillations in force and position.
The LSRM has a highly nonlinear characteristic due to its nonlinear flux behavior [13].
Consequently, the fundamental electrical and mechanical equations of an LSRM are, [10] [11] [12]:
A new type of LSRM is proposed with twin stators and a translator between them with no back iron in the translator [3].
Literature [5] presents the realization and design of a new LSRM structure.
A prototype home elevator with LSRMs is designed, and extensive experimental correlation is presented in literature [4].