LSROLife Sciences Research Office
LSROLiaison and Scientific Review Office (US DHHS)
LSROLarge Scale Retail Ordinance (Moscow, Russia)
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LSRO says while post-market surveillance programs are similar across a variety of product categories since they follow similar information processing principles, in the dietary supplements sector, voluntary post-market surveillance is uncommon and no accepted surveillance standards exist.
LSRO was asked to determine how a system for handling consumer inquiries could be tailored to the task of monitoring the safety of dietary supplements.
The LSRO in conjunction with an expert committee of scientists completed its study in two phases.
The LSRO was unable to find reliable published evidence that proved or disproved the hypothesis that mercury from dental amalgams harms pregnant women or their infants.
LSRO and FDA admit that amalgams release mercury vapor.
Highly regarded for its distinctive approach, the suburban Washington, DC-based LSRO taps the knowledge of the scientific community to support intelligent, science-based decisions.
Maryland-based LSRO provides third party reports, analyses and advice to governmental agencies, corporations and law firms involved in the food, science and biomedical fields.
We invite you to see how LSRO can be an indispensable part of your strategic future.
This federal investigation," Brown continues, "is necessary because NIDCR handpicked LSRO without a competitive bid, announced the desired result in advance, and mandated that the research panel be devoid of mercury researchers.
LSRO, has a history of building panels with conflicted members whose findings favor industry.
Since 1962, the LSRO has been an invaluable resource providing clients with expert evaluation of issues, opportunities, data, programs and proposals in basic and clinical research.
To achieve its goal, however, GOED needed to understand the current thinking on these nutrients from the regulators' perspective, which is why LSRO brought the regulators and scientists together.