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LSSTLarge Synoptic Survey Telescope (astronomy)
LSSTLinux Shell Scripting Tutorial (computer education)
LSSTLarge-aperture Synoptic Survey Telescope (aka dark matter telescope)
LSSTLaboratory for Surface Science and Technology (Zurich, Switzerland)
LSSTLateral Scapular Slide Test (shoulder disfunction)
LSSTLincoln School of Science and Technology (UK)
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LSST will create a public archive of about 6 million GB per year.
By that time, the LSST camera would be able to capture vivid images and record motions in the southern night sky.
About LSST: The effort to build the LSST is a partnership between public and private organizations.
Lynne Jones, an astronomer at the University of Washington in Seattle, says the LSST could find 20,000 to 40,000 more bodies in the Kuiper belt.
American Astronomical Society Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Suzanne Jacoby LSST Corporation
With 189 sensors and over three tons of components that have to be packed into an extremely tight space, you can imagine this is a very complex instrument," the Daily mail quoted Nadine Kurita, the project manager for the LSST camera at SLAC, as saying.
5m telescope will have an imaging sensor an incredible 3 feet wide and will survey the whole sky visible from its location; according to the project's official website, the LSST will see more of the universe than all previous telescopes combined.
4-meter LSST is a ground-based facility that is expected to see first light from Cerro Pachon, Chile, in 2014.
The ultimate judgement as to the lumpiness of the dark matter locally will come from application of the techniques developed in this project to the revolutionary datasets of Gaia and LSST.
These include status updates on the three ELTs, the JWST, the phenomenal LSST project, news from various existing telescopes, exciting new instruments & various novel technologies.
Transient Events was developed in collaboration with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, or LSST, a Tucson-based, non-profit group that's building a telescope to survey vast stretches of the universe.