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LSTLanding Ship, Tank
LSTList (File Name Extension)
LSTLocal Standard Time
LSTLow Surface Temperature (heating solutions)
LSTLocal Sidereal Time
LSTLand Surface Temperature
LSTLocal Solar Time
LSTLarge Space Telescope
LSTLocal Sales Tax
LSTLeit- und Sicherungstechnik (German)
LSTLarge Slow Target
LSTLaser Spot Tracker
LSTLife Support Technician
LSTLinux Support Team
LSTLaplace-Stieltjes Transform
LSTLayered Space-Time
LSTLogistics Support Team
LSTLaunceston, Tasmania, Australia - Launceston (Airport Code)
LSTLaacher See Tephra
LSTLaterally Spreading Tumor
LSTLimited Streamer Tube
LSTLine Station Transfer (telephony)
LSTLateral Spinothalamic Tract
LSTLow Solvent Technology
LSTLaunch Support Team (aerospace)
LSTLightweight Satellite Terminal
LSTLarge Scale Turbulence
LSTLAN Support Team (DFAS DoD)
LSTLavatory Servicing Truck (US Air Force)
LSTLarge Signal Theory
LSTLow-Speed Target
LSTLogistics Support Tracking
LSTLord's Spiritual & Temporal
LSTLibrary Support Team
LSTLaw School Transparency (Tennessee)
LSTLicence Skill Test (aviation)
LSTLutheran School of Theology (various locations)
LSTLife Skills Training (various organizations)
LSTLogistics Simulation Tool
LSTLightning Strikes Twice (gaming)
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Botvin, LST program developer and professor emeritus at Cornell University's Weill Medical College.
The LST had two bow doors, which opened to reveal a watertight ramp, which was used to load and discharge vehicles.
Cyril Roach served as second-in-command aboard an LST during the D-Day landings.
Druskoms nustatyti buvo naudotas standartas LST EN ISO 9297:1998, o istirpusiems hidrotechniniame betone metalams nustatyti buvo vadovautasi standartu LST EN ISO 14911.
5 um) provides the data that can be converted from raw digital numbers to LST.
LST offers workshops for children, teens, and adults during its summer season at Tank Hill, and in the Spring and Fall at Oliver Art Center.
Freedom's Sailors can't just walk across the ship to their supply department when they need to order items, so the global nature of our business and leveraging the extensive NAVSUP network is really what makes our shore support model effective," said Deputy LST Officer Ferdinand Herrera.
Thus, according to the calculation methods and equations given in LST EN ISO 13790 (2008), only short wave solar energy flow [[PHI].
The LST program significantly reduced alcohol use, binge drinking, marijuana use, and inhalant use after one year for females, and the I-LST program significantly reduced smoking, binge drinking, and marijuana use for females.
Douglas Landfear, skipper of the boat carrying him, said: "We had three divers down filming the wreck of LST 531 and I'd cautioned the Coastguard because they had to come up fast having missed some decompression stops when they got caught in the tide.
Research has demonstrated that medical decisions regarding the use of LST are based on patients' age and physicians' preferences more than on prognoses or patients' preferences (Hamel et al.
We landed on an LST and they stuck me in a hot shower.