LSTDLearning Sciences and Technology Design (graduate program; Stanford University; Stanford, CA)
LSTDLone Star Track Days (racing)
LSTDLake States Transportation Division (Soo Line Railroad)
LSTDLaser Scattering Tomography Defect
LSTDLone Star Technology Department (est. 1996; Texas Department of Human Services)
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We also review the LSTD algorithm, which is needed to establish our algorithms described in Section 3.
t} following policy [pi], LSTD uses [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] to replace [PHI], [P.
To overcome the weaknesses of the previous kernel-based LSTD algorithms, we propose two regularized OSKRLSTD algorithms in this section.
1]-regularized LSTD algorithms [5, 29], researchers often used the LASSO method to tackle this problem.