LSTKLump Sum Turn Key (contract or package)
LSTKLunds Songahm Taekwondo Klubb (Sweden)
LSTKLänsi-Suomen Teollisuus- ja Kiinteistötekniikka (Finland)
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Since the risks of subcontractor are not defined in EPCM contract, the value of some LSTK contracts is decreased by about 20-30%.
Catalyst filling can be a part of LSTK contract or an individual contract.
In an interview set to appear in issue 480 of Construction Week, Macphail said that MMG's recent financial woes were caused by submitting low bids for larger LSTK contracts during 2009/10 without properly understanding the risks.
a LSTK contract, as the leader of a consortium with Pireco, with TIFERT which covers engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) for a sulphuric acid unit to be built in Tunisia,
In light of MDM's non-delivery of the Performance Security, the Company has given 14 days notice to MDM that the Company has the right under the LSTK, but not the obligation, at the expiry of the notice period, to terminate the LSTK.
Clients are also making savings on contract terms by turning to LSTK contracting.
The $200m LSTK contract for this calls for installation of inlet gas and liquid handling facilities, gas sweetening, sulphur recovery, gas dehydration, hydrocarbon dew point control - with a propane refrigeration system and sales gas compression - and support facilities.
The LSTK contains the standard mining industry undertakings associated with this type of contract, including process guarantees and completion tests.
The contract terms mark a U-turn for KNPC, which in 2008 opted to issue a tender for the al-Zour work on a convertible LSTK, or "cost-plus" basis, having previously offered it on LSTK basis in 2006.
The Debt Facility and LSTK should be closed in quarter four of 2005.
It is involved in the construction of LSPB and LSTK projects which includes commercial buildings, residential complexes, industrial buildings, site development, infrastructure and utilities, structural steel work, marine works, plant infrastructure, civil and electro-mechanical construction.
Tenders are invited for Supply and Laying of 4 Trunk Pipeline from Pundi-II To NLM EPS on LSTK basis.