LSUCLaw Society of Upper Canada (Ontario)
LSUCLa Sierra University Church
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205) L'honorable Roy McMurtry, allocution, 3e congres annuel de l'AJEFO, presentee a Ottawa, 13 novembro 1982 tel que citee dans Bilingualism and the LSUC, supra note 25 aux pp 195-196.
135) Roach and Smith's defence disputed this claim, arguing that if every lawyer was truly required by LSUC to research whether someone they met in connection with a criminal matter had legal representation before talking to them, every lawyer in the Law Society should be facing charges.
Julia Bass, WA Bogart & Frederick H Zemans, eds, Access to Justice for a New Century: The Way Forward (Toronto: LSUC, 2005) edited proceedings of a conference by the Law Society of Upper Canada in 2003.
1 (Integrity) of the LSUC Rules provides that "[a] lawyer has special responsibilities by virtue of the privileges afforded the legal profession .