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The LSUC, in determining whether to confer that public benefit, must consider whether doing so would meet its statutory mandate to act in the public interest.
137) That Court then noted that, "[w]hile TWU has suggested that it may not open its law school absent accreditation by the LSUC, there is no evidence before us that the LSUC's decision would have so dramatic an effect.
95) The unanimous Court concluded that the LSUC was "uniquely qualified to determine how the public interest, as it relates to the regulation of the legal profession in the Province, would be best advanced.
103) Hence, to satisfy these objectives and to ensure that the public interest of equal access to legal education was fulfilled, while still recognizing the important "public interest role that the legal profession plays in our society," (104) LSUC was required to balance two Charter rights.
106) Thus, LSUC was entitled to consider the effect on equality rights of accrediting TWU's law school and thus appearing to give approval to, or at least condone, institutional discrimination against members of historically disadvantaged minorities.
The author surveyed each of the 212 submissions made to the LSUC regarding the TWU proposal ahead of the LSUC's April 24, 2014 decision.
Further, they take issue with the central question posed by LSUC,
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16) This piece will use the Law Society of Upper Canada's Rules of Professional Conduct to situate its discussion of the relevant professional rules in play (Law Society of Upper Canada, Rules of Professional Conduct, Toronto: LSUC, 2014 [LSUC RPC 2014]).
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