LSUHSC-SLouisville State University Health Sciences Center in Shreveport
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After evaluating models used by other successful regional health information organizations (RHIOs), the LRHC and the LSUHSC-S concluded that the federated data model would address their concerns.
On March 20, 2008, the RHIO went live, with all 24 participating facilities able to conduct teleconsultations with LSUHSC-S.
In preparation for the portal deployment, the LSUHSC-S installed a secure VPN tunnel between the host computers at LSUHSC-S and the rural hospitals.
Mathis and the LSUHSC-S Gene Therapy Center have recognized the value that working with Bionomics and our Angene platform can bring to the development of new cancer treatments.
Oschner Medical Center in New Orleans remained operational, as did LSUHSC-S.
John McDonald, chancellor of LSUHSC-S, and Anil Nanda MD,FACS, agreed it was time to initiate a neurosurgery department.
The neurosurgery residency program was the first new residency program at LSUHSC-S since 1992.
The LSUHSC-S Department of Neurosurgery stands as a visionary example of how our neurosurgical past has shaped our present and will help us create a better future for Northern Louisiana's neurosurgical landscape.