LSUMNSLouisiana State University Museum of Natural Science (Baton Rouge)
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07" W; LSUMNS 151310) and genetically it aligns with other platensis samples (Fig.
This research was supported by grants from the Frank Chapman Memorial Fund--AMNH, the American Ornithologists' Union, the LSUMNS Big Day Fund, LSU Biograds, and NSF grants DBI-0400797, DEB-0841729, and DEB-1011435 to GAB and RTB.
USA Natural History Museum BMNH Tring, UK Collections that held no specimens of Aramides mangle: Carnegie Museum of Natural History CMNH Pittsburgh, USA Louisiana State University Museum of Natural Sciences LSUMNS Baton Rouge, USA Museu de Historia Natural do Capao da Imbuia MHNCI Curitiba, Brazil Yale Peabody Museum YPM New Haven, USA