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LSVLow-Speed Vehicle
LSVLight Strike Vehicle
LSVLogistics Support Vessel
LSVLinear Sweep Voltammetry
LSVLong Saphenous Vein
LSVLoad Sensing Valve
LSVLarge-Scale Vehicle (US Navy)
LSVLanding Ship, Vehicle (WW II)
LSVLily Symptomless Virus
LSVLanguage, Sex, Violence (game/TV/movie rating)
LSVLaser Surface Velocimeter
LSVLine Status Verifier
LSVLimited Systems Vehicle (fiction, Iain M. Banks)
LSVLockshield Valve (heating systems)
LSVLos Santos Vagos (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)
LSVLife Support Vehicle (police)
LSVLiquid Scintillation Vial (radiological)
LSVLinear Slope Variation (Approximation)
LSVLockheed, Sunnyvale (California)
LSVLocal Sound Velocity
LSVLatinic Societas Unitas (Riverside, CA)
LSVLiquid-Solid-Vapor (fluid assessment)
LSVLogistics Supply Vehicle
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Among the four analyzed packages, only LSV showed statistical difference at the final time, at 90 days of storage, in relation to the initial time, at time 0, which indicates stability of the product.
If all of the active and reserve LSVs and LCUs could be simultaneously crewed and were available to move an ABCT, it would still take more than four turns to close, assuming an 80 percent stow factor for the boats.
Following long periods of driving and testing their LSVs, the customers reported enhanced performance, including doubling the range, and expressed continuous satisfaction from the Lithium Boost innovative solution, which they now recommend to other users.
Ahora bien, a partir de este trabajo se organizaron aspectos pedagogicos y linguisticos que contribuyeron, por una parte, a mejorar la comprension de la lectura con la puesta en marcha de estrategias didacticas y, por otra, a capacitar a los actores del hecho educativo en torno a la ensenanza de la LSV y la lengua escrita, a traves de la realizacion de cursos.
This product line includes the two- and four-passenger LSV Series--LSV stands for low-speed vehicle--an electric model legal to drive on roads posted 35 mph or less.
As practical as the 23 LSV is you'll still end up with your head in the clouds launching from watery ramps that adjust to your skill level.
The digital measurements of surfaces of the crayfish were carried out using the LSV 50 laser scanner, a non-touch three-dimensional laser scanner.
An evaluation of 85 LSV participants was conducted in October 2006 in order to uncover what outcomes participants perceive they gain from participation on the course and what course components are important factors to achieving these outcomes.
3] tobacco products and LSV energy drinks and plans to further increase sales in the coming year through "an ambitious schedule of new product launches".
Well, with the new Ocean Empire LSV superyacht, that dream could well become a reality for a justifiable $17 million.