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LSVLow-Speed Vehicle
LSVLight Strike Vehicle
LSVLogistics Support Vessel
LSVLinear Sweep Voltammetry
LSVLong Saphenous Vein
LSVLoad Sensing Valve
LSVLarge-Scale Vehicle (US Navy)
LSVLanding Ship, Vehicle (WW II)
LSVLily Symptomless Virus
LSVLanguage, Sex, Violence (game/TV/movie rating)
LSVLaser Surface Velocimeter
LSVLine Status Verifier
LSVLimited Systems Vehicle (fiction, Iain M. Banks)
LSVLockshield Valve (heating systems)
LSVLos Santos Vagos (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)
LSVLife Support Vehicle (police)
LSVLiquid Scintillation Vial (radiological)
LSVLinear Slope Variation (Approximation)
LSVLockheed, Sunnyvale (California)
LSVLocal Sound Velocity
LSVLatinic Societas Unitas (Riverside, CA)
LSVLiquid-Solid-Vapor (fluid assessment)
LSVLogistics Supply Vehicle
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LSVs are different from the standard golf cart and are able to operate on any state road where the speed limit does not exceed 35 mph.
Digital measurements of the surface of the crayfish were carried out by using the LSV 50 laser scanner, a non-touch three-dimensional laser scanner.
The study presented here was conducted at LSV, and is part of a larger study of motivational intervention programmes conducted by the author as part of his PhD study.
Golf Carts, LSV, ATV and accessory dealership near one of Florida's largest golfing communities.
The LSV transports combat vehicles and sustainment cargo worldwide.
LSV 8--named for a slave who went on to become a Civil War hero--and its crew from the 203rd Trans.
A throwback to the LST (landing ship, tank), the LSV has considerable potential for niche missions.
FMVSS 500 noted that an LSV is a street-legal vehicle capable of going at least 20 mph but no faster than 25 mph on a paved, level surface.
This March, the company's independent owner-operator fleet will be joined by two double-trailer LSV trucks spanning 25.
In fact the LSV has worked out well for the agency and the environment.
The LSV burner technology is designed to significantly decrease nitrous oxide (NOx) air emissions and provide environmental and operational benefits in industrial combustion applications.