LSVTLee Silverman Voice Treatment
LSVTLarge Scale Voluntary Transfer
LSVTLarge Solar Vacuum Telescope (Baikal Astrophysical Observatory)
LSVTLesser Saphenous Vein Thrombophlebitis (legs)
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During LSVT LOUD sessions, the client works with the clinician to perform speech and voice exercises.
New Charter is planning to restructure its debt in 2016 by replacing a portion of its loan facilities with bond debt in order to remove legacy LSVT loan restrictions, reduce counterparty risk, and to take advantage of currently low rates.
Physical and occupational therapists are trained in LSVT BIG, a whole-body PD treatment system.
The LSVT sector was by the end of 2002 more than 50% of the RSL sector: in time, RSLs will overtake the council sector as the largest part of the non-market provision of housing in the UK.
The three major components of the program are (a) voice exercises based primarily on the LSVT program, (b) a supportive group setting to enhance communication skills, and (c) external visual cues to improve speech intelligibility.
Furthermore, they all passed a standardized sentence-comprehension task comprising 17 sentences with increasing length and grammatical difficulty, test A of the LSVT (cf.
CMMS LSVT A A (girl) 66 116 PR 98 B (girl) 59 114 PR 98 C (boy) 82 123 PR 90 Child Sentence Productive MLU in production lexicon words LSVT C AWST A (girl) PR 2(-2SD) PR 89 3.
As a result of this very significant LSVT RCT Homes now has the scope and opportunity to make a real difference to the people of Rhondda Cynon Taf.
Merthyr Valleys Homes (MVH) is an RSL formed following a LSVT from Merthyr Tydfil Borough Council that owns and manages approximately 4200 properties within the Merthyr Tydfil County Borough area.
Today it is recognised as a trail-blazer and an example of good and excellent practice ( consistently raising the bar since it became the largest LSVT (Large Scale Voluntary Transfer) organisation in England and the North-East's largest RSL and the third largest in the UK.
While at the council, she was involved in the ballot on the controversial LSVT of the local authority's entire housing stock.
The LSVT proposal is that for a couple of years you have total uncertainty and inaction in the housing department.