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LSZLaw Society of Zimbabwe (est. 1981)
LSZLëtzebuerger Studenten zu Zürech (Society of Luxembourg Students in Zurich)
LSZLeast Zone Straight Line (parallel lines enclosing all points on a graph)
LSZLimited Speed Zone (UK)
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DIC digital image correlation FFZ far field zone HSZ high strain zone LSZ low strain zone TPU thermoplastic polyurethane
Caption: Engineers have optimized the LSZ turning angle for 31-degrees inside wheel cut.
LSZ is known for workmanship, and each piece of jewellery is hand-crafted.
05-15-000003 / LSZ / 03/6/01 in kind: Hospitalization in: 03.
144 of the Act section 3) No 05-15-000015 / LSZ / 03/6/04 in kind: Hospitalization in: 03.
05-14-000130 / LSZ / 03/1/01 of a kind: Hospitalization in: 03.