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LSZLaw Society of Zimbabwe (est. 1981)
LSZLëtzebuerger Studenten zu Zürech (Society of Luxembourg Students in Zurich)
LSZLeast Zone Straight Line (parallel lines enclosing all points on a graph)
LSZLimited Speed Zone (UK)
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DIC digital image correlation FFZ far field zone HSZ high strain zone LSZ low strain zone TPU thermoplastic polyurethane
Caption: Engineers have optimized the LSZ turning angle for 31-degrees inside wheel cut.
LSZ is known for workmanship, and each piece of jewellery is hand-crafted.
These units belonging on various types and stages (T5 in USA, T4 in LSZ, T3 in CSZ and LSZ) recorded weak economic profits in cultures (exclusively cereal) in CY1 (dryness) and partly in CY2 (hail) compared to those achieved on sales of feedlots livestock.
It is also noted that in stages CSZ and LSZ and in spite of the dryness extent in CY1, at certain exploitations especially of small size (exploitations E5, E6, E7, E8, E15 and E16), the share of the cultures incomes is high compared to the breeding.
144 of the Act section 3) No 05-15-000096 / LSZ / 03/5/04 along the lines of hospital treatment in respect of: 03.