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LSZHLow Smoke Zero Halogen (cable)
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Among the 45[degrees] HDMI cables released today are PVC and LSZH versions with either a right or left exit.
Caracteristicas: Autosoportado, orientado a instalaciones FTTH, fibra hasta la casa y aerea en un solo paso; unidades de fibra en el centro del cable junto a dos lineas de proteccion KFRP paralelas localizadas a los lados; de uno a dos hilos de fibra, con diametro de 250 [micron]m; cubierta exterior LSZH, mensajero material siete hilos de alambre de acero trenzado de 0.
Tool-less Category 6 connection modules as well as PCB-free and OM3 LSZH fibre cables were also installed.
For example, LSZH polypropylene compounds have a high processing temperature (220 - 230[degrees]C) so typically MDH is used as a flame retardant.
The major current market for Fireguard LSZH conduit compounds is in Europe, where regulations favor plastic replacement of metal conduit and smoke-toxicity limits are particalarly stringent.
Like Belden's LSZH thermoplastic jackets, HaloarrestXLink thermoset jackets provide a safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive alternative for organizations that prefer to use non-halogenated products.
Several of our Fireguard LSZH compounds can pass both riser tests," says Ouellette.
The cables are supplied in shielded and unshielded configurations in addition to plenum, riser and LSZH jacket constructions.
7 LSZH D 750 m Lichtwellenleiter 4G50/125 OM 3 3 St Aufschaltung der DDC-Datenpunkte im OPC-Server.
Alongside P-Tag and Fox-Flo UV Stable, LSZH Tie on cable labels, Silver Fox will be exhibiting Solar PV Warning Labels.
Caracteristicas: Cable de fibra optica multimodo, totalmente dielectrica, interior--exterior 6 y 12 hilos, Tight-Buffer, cubierta exterior forro LSZH.
Belden also offers LSZH cables as standard products in its Shipboard product line.