LTABLouder Than A Bomb (teen poetry festival)
LTABLocal Training and Adjustment Board (Canada)
LTABLine Test Access Bus
LTABLeave Them All Behind (song)
LTABLouisville Technology Acronym Bee
LTABLodgers Tax Advisory Board
LTABLaughlin Town Advisory Board (Nevada)
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The completion of a unified standard format for OCV modeling in Liberty is a major milestone for the LTAB," said Jim Sproch, LTAB chair and senior director of engineering at Synopsys.
Hosted and sponsored by Peak 10, LTAB is similar to the numerous successful corporate spelling bees held in communities around the nation every year.
We have enjoyed building LTAB with NCFL and look forward expanding the program in the future.
The LTAB design will define a structure two football fields long and one football field wide.
The Laboratory will enter into negotiations with Parsons, which should result in the award of a sub-contract for the LTAB architect-engineer.