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The 204th BSB LTAT focused on the AUPs because of the close proximity of Forward Operating Base (FOB) Walton, where the 204th BSB was located, to Kandahar City, where most of the AUPs resided and worked.
The LTAT planned training days each week, on which different police substations (PSSs) would come to FOB Walton to receive training in basic logistics-related tasks while their weapons and vehicles (primarily AK-47s and Ford Rangers) would receive a technical inspection and service.
The LTAT identified the need tor basic education in sustainment for the international Security Assistance Force (ISAF) partners and created a class, called Partner Development Training (PDT), to teach the ISAF partners about AUP logistics.
The LTATs began a deliberate training process for Iraqi maintenance companies at the organizational, division, location command, and depot levels.
While the 16th Sustainment Brigade was in the process of implementing Share the Road and standing up LTATs, the U.
Sustainment brigade and CSSB commanders should also coordinate with the deployed units that they will replace in theater to identify any unique issues in resourcing and training that their LTAT will be responsible for managing.
Before deploying, CSSBs should identify specific military occupational specialties (MOSs) and key leaders needed for the LTAT mission.
Under normal conditions, a third-line LTAT is led by a company-grade officer (or an experienced warrant officer) and two experienced noncommissioned officers (NCOs).
Third, LTAT members must learn the host nation's military logistics infrastructure and policies.
Utilizing the four principles mentioned above, BSBs and other support units can establish a viable LTAT.
Establishing a relationship with the leaders ensured that the IA trusted the Pioneers and felt comfortable working with them to determine how best to use the LTAT personnel to train, give advice, and make recommendations to the IA command, staff, and soldiers.
The LTAT members were required to attend a 5-day course at the Phoenix Academy in Camp Taji, Iraq.