LTCALong Term Care Aide
LTCALuCille Tack Center for the Arts (Spencer, WI)
LTCALake Talon Conservation Association (Rutherglen, ON, Canada)
LTCALouisiana Tech Concert Association
LTCALong Term Corrective Action
LTCALong-Term Care Administration
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To be successful, the LTCA plans to replace home-grown applications that offered limited reporting capabilities and workflow support.
In order to change and grow in this environment, we needed to automate wherever we could to make the most of tax dollars," said Deborah Karns, CEO of the LTCA.
Onyx offered the most complete solution to increase and ease the collection, tracking and availability of critical information, as well as improve and automate our manual business processes," said Wendy Marino, senior project manager for the LTCA.
We are extremely pleased with this business relationship," said Robert Forman, President of LTCA.
Stacia Vetter, Assistant Vice President of NHC adds, "This partnership provides opportunities to capitalize on the power of matching our, field distribution and marketing systems with the expertise of LTCA.
Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, LTCA has a 34-year history of delivering high quality long-term care insurance agency service to the senior market specialist.
Our partnership with LTCA is truly strategic in every sense of the word.
Robert Forman, President of LTCA said, "This strategic partnership provides opportunities to capitalize on the power of matching our affinity marketing relationships with proven, field-tested AMS marketing systems.
Building on a 30-year tradition in the long term care insurance marketplace, LTCA, Inc.
From the outset, LTCA staff openly acknowledged critical weaknesses in EdTec 470, in particular, that the course did not fully reflect the very instructional practices that teacher candidates most need to emulate.
Three core standards in the utility strand have been particularly relative to this evaluator's work with the LTCA client community: (a) stakeholder identification (U1); (b) information scope and selection (U3); and (c) values identification (U4).