LTCDLight Truck Clean Diesel
LTCDLearning, Teaching and Curriculum Development
LTCDLeadership Transition and Chapter Development
LTCDLinear Clustering with Task Duplication
LTCDLong-Term Corrosion Degradation
LTCDLow Threshold Cherenkov Detector
LTCDLiterature and Culture Teaching Database
LTCDLow Thermal Coefficient of Delay
LTCDLieutenant Commander (US Navy)
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Della LTCD was Valle, et overestimated al (22) in the digital plan in 6 and underestimated in 3 patients.
The LTCD suggests that career counselors need to focus on clients' leisure-time activities rather than on their work experiences, because leisure is directly related both to clients' lives and careers and because people across the life span are engaged in leisure activities.