LTCGLong Term Capital Gain
LTCGLink-Time Code Generation
LTCGLarry the Cable Guy (comedian)
LTCGLong Term Care Group, Inc (Eden Prairie, MN)
LTCGLarry the Computer Guy (Alabama)
LTCGLauren Tube Cork Grease (musical instruments)
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LTCG has been the administrator of the CalPERS self-funded LTCi Program since its inception in 1995, and provides a full complement of professional, administrative and Care Management services to the nation's leading insurers of Long Term Care insurance, and over 1 million policyholders.
LTCG will maintain its El Segundo headquarters and its marketing offices in Atlanta, Denver, Pittsburgh and Salt Lake City.
LTCG is a one-stop organization that offers a complete platform of long-term care insurance services, including product development and administrative support for both group and individual markets.
By expanding our relationship with LTCG to further leverage LTCG's systems and service expertise, we will better manage this business and better serve our customers.
8220;Thanks to SMARTS, we were able to discover, test, and deploy automated claims decision logic in under six months,” said Kyle Korzenowski, LTCG CIO.
LTCG is taxed at a beneficial rate of 20%, plus a cess of 3%, subject to fulfilment of certain conditions.
Peter Goldstein, the CEO of LTCG, said Stone Point shares LTCG's vision and sees helping insurers manage complex LTCI portfolios as a business opportunity.
LTCG property is appreciated property that, if sold at its fair market value would produce a long-term capital gain.
Now, LTCG tax on non-equity funds will apply on redemption after 36 months as against the earlier period of 12 months.