LTCHLong Term Care Hospital
LTCHLicense to Carry a Handgun (Indiana)
LTCHLeeward Training Club of Hawaii, Inc. (est. 1969)
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The specific LTCHs being sold are: HealthSouth Hospital at Tenaya, Las Vegas, Nev.
As a result, HealthSouth has now agreed to sell five LTCHs to LifeCare for approximately $117.
Types of conditions typically treated at an LTCH include: severe wounds; respiratory, cardiac, and renal failure; severe surgical complications; and major, multiple trauma.
The study found lower mortality rates at an LTCH for patients with multiple organ failure who had musculoskeletal and connective tissue, circulatory, and respiratory conditions.
5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Spinnaker Support, the global market leader for SAP, JD Edwards and Siebel third-party maintenance, application/technical management, and consulting services, today announced Swiss manufacturer LTCH has chosen Spinnaker Support as its SAP support and maintenance partner.
Since its founding in 2002, LTCH has relied on its SAP 4.
In addition, current survey results in CMS's databases may be incomplete because these databases do not always accurately identify (1) the organization responsible for surveying each LTCH and (2) whether a facility is, in fact, an LTCH.
As a result, the LTCH patient population has a high level of comorbidities and infacility mortality.
At least some of the utilization growth in IRF and LTCH services between 1997-1998 and 2000 may reflect a shift of services from SNF and home health care.
The decrease in Credit Agreement EBITDA, on a dollar and percentage of net patient service revenue basis, was due to the impact of the lower Medicare LTCH DRG weights that were effective October 1, 2005, increases in expenses attributable to the increase in patient acuity and the adjustments to previously filed cost reports.
Litchfield is listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market's National Market under the symbol LTCH.