LTCILong Term Care Insurance
LTCILong-Term Care Initiative (various locations)
LTCILine Trunk Controller ISDN
LTCILaparoscopic Tenckhoff Catheter Insertion (nephrology)
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where Price is a policy level variable defined as the natural log of the ratio of LTCI premiums earned by insurer i in year t for policy form j to the number of lives insured under policy form j in year t.
LTCI Partners, LLC is a national brokerage general agency specializing in Long-Term Care Insurance with offices in Illinois and Wisconsin.
I've sat in on countless webinars where the speakers degrade LTCI in order to promote their own products.
Add in all the uncertainty and confusion in the minds of consumers regarding PPACA, and you have an extremely challenging climate in which to sell LTCI.
They're talking to their financial planners, they're talking to other friends," Eagan said, adding that she believes people are much better informed about LTCI than they used to be.
And major government and LTCI industry initiatives are promoting consumer awareness, while the personal experience of millions of unpaid family caregivers is fueling interest in this product.
As of 2004, only 4% of total LTC expenditures for the elderly were paid by private LTCI (CBO 2004).
In my work as a LTCI specialist, I have found that there are five mistakes agents often make with respect to long-term care planning.
You'd have to be nuts to recommend taking on the added expense of an LTCI policy to someone who's just lost a sizable piece of their nest egg, right?
From a financial point of view, LTCI allows the patient's retirement plan to stay intact.
Although these are basic concepts, unexpected results on at least one of those three fronts has been forcing more carriers lately to scale back efforts or totally exit the LTCI business.