LTCPALong Term Care Pharmacy Alliance
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About LTCPA LTCPA membership is comprised of two national chain-based LTC pharmacy providers, Omnicare and PharMerica, in addition to approximately 900 independent LTC pharmacies that together serve 1.
LTCPA provides a national, unified voice on major issues including LTC pharmacy costs, specialized nursing facility pharmacy services and the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit.
While LTCPA supports the goal of reducing waste, we also recognize the need to consider all costs associated with the proposed rule, so that unintended consequences do not result from the application of the rule.
In its comments, LTCPA stated that CMS's approach on short-cycle dispensing is contrary to Congress' intent that Section 3310 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act result in savings to Medicare Part D.
Yet, they are denied having the people they trust to care for them -- their nurses, physicians and pharmacists -- give them that help," said LTCPA Executive Director Paul Baldwin.
LTCPA representatives are available for interviews and to discuss the report.
The members of LTCPA believe that their contracts with pharmaceutical manufacturers bring value to Medicare beneficiaries under the Part D benefit.
Nonetheless, the members of LTCPA are willing to engage in discussions directly with CMS to address their concerns, including an appropriate mechanism for disclosure of rebates.
I am proud to be a part of the LTCPA and its efforts to advance the vital work of its member pharmacies," McKigney said.
McKigney brings to the LTCPA a strong background of work on Capitol Hill and in government affairs.
The LTC Card is being offered by the LTCPA in conjunction with ACS State Healthcare, LLC.
LTCPA represents the four major national long-term care pharmacies -- Kindred Pharmacy Services, Omnicare, NeighborCare, and PharMerica.