LTCSLandfill Tax Credit Scheme (UK)
LTCSLong Term Care Services
LTCSLow Transverse Cesarean Section (surgical obstetric delivery)
LTCSLabel Traffic Control System (Harris & Jeffries)
LTCSLow Temperature Carbon Steel
LTCSLong-Term Compensation Scheme
LTCSLong-Term Channel Statistics
LTCSLiquid Thermal Control System (space technology)
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Therefore, PSO is chosen here as the primary algorithm of LTCS.
Control function of the LTCS in the vehicle is shown in Figure 3.
During every sampling time, the internal task actions of LTCS are built in Figure 4, which includes two parts.
Based on that, two of the fuzzy rules used for deducing the initialization of LTCS are shown here in Table 1.
Regarding the output variables, the collection mode contains two membership functions: INIT, the initialization of LTCS, and HOLD, nothing else changing in the load torque control process.
The searching results on two situations show that the LTCS makes the result of PSO searching self-adaptive for the tractive force.
Figure 14 depicts the simulative results of the voltage-current performance controlled by LTCS.
That is why LTCS software takes users seamlessly from preadmission through reimbursement, with ongoing, guaranteed regulatory compliance.