LTCSLandfill Tax Credit Scheme (UK)
LTCSLong Term Care Services
LTCSLow Transverse Cesarean Section (surgical obstetric delivery)
LTCSLabel Traffic Control System (Harris & Jeffries)
LTCSLow Temperature Carbon Steel
LTCSLong-Term Compensation Scheme
LTCSLong-Term Channel Statistics
LTCSLiquid Thermal Control System (space technology)
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That is why LTCS software takes users seamlessly from preadmission through reimbursement, with ongoing, guaranteed regulatory compliance.
These OEMs, some of which are included in the seven early LTCS 4.
NetPlane's LTCS (Label Traffic Control System(TM)) software is the industry's most widely deployed MPLS software and has been adopted by more than 65 network manufacturers.
Its LTCS was the industry first available MPLS software solution and continues to be the most widely deployed MPLS software.
After the last landing of the aircraft in Tulsa, in around two weeks, the employees of LTCS remove everything from the aircraft that can be recycled or is valuable, including undercarriages, jet engine components, flight computers, lights, cockpit instruments, and the complete electronic systems.
With NetPlane's advanced architecture for OPTIRoute, the availability of both OSPF and BGP4, and NetPlane's industry leading MPLS solution, LTCS, the innovative hardware designs of our customers can be realized with our advanced control plane concepts, increasing functionality and reducing time to market," Shahane added.
LTCS supplies NA airlines with aircraft components such as hydraulic pumps, control gears and flight-management computers.
Contrat a duree indetermninee pluriannuel ouvert pour l~entretien de la tourelle LTCS 90mm AIV.
The company said it has begun shipping its LTCS Resource ReSerVation Protocol with Traffic Engineering extensions (RSVP-TE) subsystem.
LTCS includes Label Distribution Protocol (LDP), Constraint-based Routing--Label Distribution Protocol (CR--LDP) and Resource Reservation Protocol with Traffic Engineering extensions (RSVP--TE).
LTCS includes H&J's unique Label Manager, the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP), and will provide Quality-of-Service traffic engineering utilizing Constraint-based Routing Label Distribution Protocol (CR-LDP) and the Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) with extensions.